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Recently, the "Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt" (PTB), which disseminates the official radio time signal over the long wave transmitter "DCF77", changed the coding. Radio guided mother watches constructed before 1998, do not any longer change automatically between the summer and the winter time. Two times a year this has to be done manually. For € 1 9 9. - we can provide a new radio antenna for your existing clock with decoders for the modified scheme. Of course we can mount the antenna at an affordable price.

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Information displays / clocks / calendar watches
Advertising and Information with LCD - liquid crystal displays

1. General information

Liquid crystal displays have become an integral part of our streets as a source of information and as eye catching advertising. Regardless of local weather and lighting conditions the LCD display is brilliant and looks perfect, anywhere, at any time. Inside as well as outside. Our billboards are individually custom-designed and equipped. Size, Material and color of the case or the Map will be made according to the needs of our customers. Reliability decides, therefore the LCD Display has been enforced in many market segments: Local public transport, railways, the Post office, airports, exhibition halls, congress centers, banks, display of environmental data for industry and municipalities, large sized displays for trade businesses and services.

2. Entering the information.

Using a standard PC, the input of the texts using software that comes with the display is very easy.
For complex applications, you may enter your advertising combined with external information, for example via the INTERNET:
Meteorological data, the latest sports results, traffic news, visitor information and much more
3. What exactly is LCD?
Liquid crystal displays are passive displays, in which by an electrical tension in the individual segments, the light transmittance is changed. The liquid crystal layer of 0.01 mm thickness is hermetically sealed between two panes of glass. Only the cable is led out between the glass plates, so these displays are extremely robust and maintenance free. The 38 - Segment - Font makes it possible that the shown text is very good readable for the viewer.
Behind the transflective display, colored foils are attached. During the day by reflection of sunlight, and at night by backlighting with fluorescent lamps allow to read the ads.
4 What can I display on it?

Almost nothing is impossible, thanks to INTERNET, INTRANET and other networks and custom databases we are using a PC. In case of need we may access all data available there. For example: Latest news, weather services, market data, business information, environmental information as ozone and UV levels, regional information, official notices, sports news.
For radio transmission of current and personal information, every LCD panel may be equipped with an industry standard mobile phone. The operating is easy. Using a PC or via telephone call, the System may be updated around the clock. Of course may be shown also classical data such as time and temperature.
Here you catch always and in any case the attention of passersby !
Clocks and calendar clocks

We supply and install time, time-date, time-temperature, time-and-information displays for usage indoor and outdoor, with or without lighting.